Well Vancouver… When the clock struck 12 YOU DELIVERED!

Above all else there is always one goal when bringing in a New Year; To do it BIGGER and BETTER then the year before!

At the Solid office we did our best to take something away from everything we did and learned in 2014 and pour it into the first day of 2015!

All of that aside though, what we noticed more then anything else was that YOU, the #solidfamily, gave us MORE LOVE then ever before!

We can’t thank-you enough for all the positive reviews we’ve seen and read over the past 24 hours!

When the world turns to look at you and you give them a show like #SOLIDNYE2015, things change and they change fast.

Because of you our beautiful city has now made a statement, and in the EDM world, its the talk of the town.

What we have on the plate for 2015 is incredible to say the least.

With an outstanding show line-up at the Harbour Event Centre to start of the first few months, Insomnia’s line-up soon to be announced and many MANY more shows to come, we will ALL be in for one crazy treat!

Now to try and take care of those post new years feelings, we have TWOLOUD’s first appearance in Vancouver next week! 

Make sure to hold onto your PROOF OF PURCHASE for SOLID NYE 2015 and bring it with you to the door as we will be offering a discount!