Arguably the king of Hardstlye in Vancouver, Audiofreq, makes his triumphant return to Vancouver this Saturday with Zatox. 

You may find a few people who would argue that statement, but after #DOOMSNIGHT2014 its impossible to deny that Sam has forever solidified his name in the Hardstyle Elite in our fair city.

His sets are just…ruthless. Simply put there is no other word to describe how ‘next-level’ this living legend is. His ability to take his audience all over the musical spectrum is absolutely astonishing; a talent very few artists these days possess.

Many fans will be aware that recently with Headhunterz significant pull back from the Hardstyle scene, Audiofreq has begun taking over the radio show ‘Hard with Style’; a welcome change. He has begun to explore several different, darker and more melodic sounds in this change over and boy oh boy does it ever please the senses.

But lets not forget about Zatox… It will definitely be one crazy spectacle to see these two side by side this weekend at Harbour… 

After Zatox’s album NEW WORLD ORDER there has been no resistance against accepting his brutally obnoxious and delicious sound. His extreme versatility and mastering talents are second to none and they come together to make a crazy package few can stand up too.

Lets get ready for another #HARDSTYLETHROWDOWN #solidfamily… We cant wait to see all your beautiful faces this weekend!!