Dooms Night 2014 Recap

VANCOUVER, did you ever bring it this weekend! WOW!!!!!

We can’t thank-you enough! Your energy was amazing and we are happy to announce that we had ZERO medical or police related incidents. Well, actually, there was one incident. For those unaware, we did have a concert goer, who didnt purchase a ticket, try to attempt entering the Coliseum through the ventilation system on the Friday night. It is humbling to know that people want to go to our shows so badly they are willing to go to such an extent, but for future reference, we HIGHLY recommend that you always enter the venue through the MAIN ENTRANCE!  😆

Friday night was an incredible kick off to the weekend. We were happy to see that everyone was blown away with the production. After countless hours of designing and planning it is great to see it pay-off and our family enjoy what we put together for them. Not to mention the artists themselves were speechless!

Martin Garrix, Headhunterz, Jay Hardway, Bassjackers and Madeon were all incredibly impressed with the setup. Don’t believe us just look at their instagram pages! But production aside what impressed them the most was YOU! Martin was so thrilled with the energy and the atmosphere at the PNE that he decided to throw down with Jay at the after party and holy smokes was it a party! If you havent seen any of the videos then head over to our instagram account, it was definitely  a night to remember!

Our closing night, Saturday, was another spectacle. We couldn’t believe how much enthusiasm there was! Dashers united for Dash’s set and brought some amazing energy for Audien, Mike Hawkins, Audiofreq and DubVision. Not to mention the After party was COMPLETELY sold out and Mike, DubVision and Audiofreq practically tore the roof off Harbour.

VANCOUVER we couldn’t be happier with YOU. We are so lucky to host events in a city like this! We want you to know that this is only the beginning and there is far more to come. 

Solid Events stands for quality. We want YOU to know that when it comes to our shows expect the best. The production and YOUR experience matter to us more then anything else. 

Cheers to a bright future, SEE YOU AT SOLID NYE 2015